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Sports, Cannabis, & Hip Hop | Matt Barnes | Ep.108

Listen to the full episode below: From banging on the NBA courts with Curry & Kobe, cannabis activist Matt Barnes knows how to handle the smoke!

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Moving That Work | Freeway Rick Ross | Ep.107

Freeway Rick Ross shares stories on how he made 1 million a day during the 80′ when he couldn’t even read. Listen to the full episode below:

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Hip Hop Cuties | Melyssa Ford | Ep.106

Canada’s beauty & brains, Melyssa Ford talks about her Video Vixen Glow up during the early 2000s! Don’t miss this hilarious episode. Listen to the full episode below:

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Dance Machine | Big Lez | Ep.105

Hip Hop History High’s host Donnell Rawlings sits down with the incredibly talented journalist, choreographer, and dancer — Big Lez. She breaks down what it’s like to interview a very stoned Method Man & Redman and what rules Michael Jackson’s team had when she...

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Hype As Hell Man | Spliff Star | Ep.104

You know him as a legendary rapper and hype man to Busta Rhymes, and today he’s dropping some knowledge for the younger generations of hip hop. Listen to the full episode below:

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The Cool ‘Kid’ | Christopher Reid | Ep.103

Today we’re speaking to a LEGEND! His Flat Top haircut set the industry standard in the early ’90s and the Kid ‘n Play dance is still going viral today.  Listen to the full episode below:

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