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Reeformed | Guest Weldon Angelos | Ep.102

Listen to the full episode below: Music producer and cannabis advocate, Weldon Angelos was pardoned by Obama & Trump after he was sentenced to a mandatory 55 years in prison for an ounce of Marijuana. We spoke to him about his experience.

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From the Hall of Fame to The Hall of Flame | Guest Gary Payton | Ep.101

Listen to the full episode below: Bay Area Legend and Basket Ball Hall of Famer, Gary Payton takes us into the cannabis Hall of Flame with his new cannabis strain.

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The Navy Seals with Chris Cope

Listen to the full interview below: There is no better way to wrap season one than breaking down what it really takes to be a Navy Seal with Florida’s greatest export, Comedian Chris Cope. Chris surprises Alex with his street knowledge of the Seals...

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Ancient Egypt with Armando Torres

Listen to the full interview below:

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The Food Pyramid with Chaunté Wayans

Listen to the full interview below: It’s shocking to think that bacon hasn’t always been a breakfast staple. Because yeah, some dude who needed to hock bacon to make money, made it up. Mind-blowing right? You’re not alone, the hilarious Comedian and Podcaster, Chaunté...

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The War on Drugs with Alex Hooper

Listen to the full interview below: He sounds like Sam Kinison and looks like a new age Elton John, we’re talking about the delightful, inspiring, and hilarious Comedian, Author, and Podcaster, Alex Hooper. A self-proclaimed lover of drugs, Alex was the perfect choice to...

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